Client Testimonials

“Bob got me out of a significant jam. I had a problem with my self-prepared tax return, in which I had made an expensive mistake tangled in the complexities of stock option accounting. Despite being a new customer, and contacting Bob just weeks before the April 15 deadline, he found time to identify and correct my error, saving me a major portion of my tax bill. Doing so required both Bob's knowledge and some time to conduct research on the matter. I am grateful for Bob's help and will call him first in the future.”

Massachusetts pharmaceutical industry executive

“I have to say thank you for a bit of information you gave me at our coffee. Last week, I received a call saying that the IRS was going to sue me! Even armed with the knowledge that this couldn’t be real, I was startled and had a moment of panic. Then I thought, Hey, Bob just told me about this, so I proceeded to delete the message and block the caller.”

Director Business Development – local bookkeeping company

"I have used a number of different accountants over the years. All types, from the inexpensive to the very expensive corporate type, and hands down Bob Kilkenny is the best! He knows more than the average accountant, is always responsive to questions, and more importantly he asks me questions about my business and my taxes which result in important conversation and savings! He even sends around a newsletter that actually has information a small business owner and/or tax payer really need, not just fluff. Really glad to have Bob on my side!"

Hillery Dorner, Esq. – Dorner Law & Title Service

"I found Bob through his website and reached out for help regarding some Massachusetts tax issues after I had already moved to California. Bob was responsive, sharp and immaculately professional. The outcome was the reduction of a $30,000 bill to something like $900. I would definitely work with him again!"

California resident with Massachusetts tax issue

"I have been benefiting from the professional accounting services of Bob for over ten years now.  I was recommended to Bob by a friend who was aware of my accounting and tax needs.  Bob came into my financial life, rectified my accounting and tax issues, and has assisted me with maintaining accurate and precise records ever since.  Bob takes both a personal and professional approach to the services he provides to his clients, that is unmatched by anyone.  I highly recommend Bob to those who care to have premium accounting services, with a personal touch."

President – machinery sales and service company

"Bob worked very efficiently and effectively in getting the information my company needed to respond to an employee we were trying to recruit and relocate to Boston.  Bob’s insight and quick response on the implications of the tax code for our relocation proposal might have been the key factor in letting us recruit this individual." 

Chief Financial Officer - biotech

"I would definitely recommend Bob Kilkenny to any other business owners.  He is reasonably priced, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  He has been a great resource for anything tax related, as well as general business related information. If you need an accountant, or are not happy with your current accounting professional, definitely give Bob a call."

President – architectural woodworking company

"Bob was extremely helpful and responsive in quickly getting back to me on a number of somewhat esoteric tax questions I posed to him.  While a lot of detail to convey, he summarized the issues clearly and allowed me to make a better decision for my personal financial situation." 

Wellesley, MA resident

"It's been great working with Bob Kilkenny this past year.  He takes the time to explain the taxes on my business account and is easily available for any question or problem.  At the end of every quarter, Bob sends to me a review as to where my business is and suggests actions to be taken before the end of the year.  I have appreciated his professional manner and look forward to many years of working together."

President – fabric wholesale company

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